Bitdefender Virus Scanner App Reviews

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Doesn’t even work

When clicking scan, nothing happens. Launch from CLI and see the errors every time you click scan: 2016-06-02 10:49:50.921 BitdefenderVirusScanner[17056:322666] [error] SettingsPat_(qss) not found ! Pretty epic QA fail.

OK I guess

Doesnt seem to be doing much after 1st. scan .


Shown as free………don’t believe it !!!!! Unauthorized charge on my Credit Card. Why Apple would allow it to be shown as free is beyond me…….don’t touch this, look elsewhere for a reputable seller.

Really good virus scanner

I had something wrong with my Macbook Air and my other scanners did not find anything wrong. But Bitedefender did and solved my problem. Very reliable and solid product. Highly recsommend.


Unbelievable! After being unable to delete 3 files that it identified and not recognizing 8 additional files…it has now been 8 days that I’ve been unable to uninstall Bitdefender! Shockingly bad. :( And now they EMAIL me an app that deletes the software. When did you ever come across an app that needs something emailed to you to get rid of?


BD works fin but if you chose to pay for an account and have the full installation and then add devices, the you are in for nightmair! Web site is very strange an un-intuative and the it is diffcult to follow the instructions. I have contacted thier support and thuer were fantastic, very quick, very nice and supported me in way that exceed my expectations. I think once they update thier web site they are 5 start plus.


This has got to be THE MOST WORST experience downloading a software program that I have experienced in my entire lifetime. This Bitdefender has the worst website and download experience that anyone could ever hope for. NOW I have a bitdefender window on my desk top I CANNOT get rid of!!!!!!!!!!!! Apple NEEDS to remove this software from the App store!!!!!

Quick and easy!

I downloaded this from the Mac app store today, and then did a quick scan (nothing found) followed by a deep scan (found and removed 4 items) of my whole hard drive. This was so quick and easy!

Poorly Developed Application

Upon launching for the first time, it has to download and install the remainder of its core components into your system root. When uninstalling, It leaves behind 372.8mb of its contents(which would be the core files installed into root) Don’t download, your computer is more secure without this application


Thank you to bitdefender. The scanner caught a virus called ‘advanced mac cleaner’ thanks bd for saving my computer. to all readers don’t click on ‘advanced mac cleaner it’s a virus also tell apple to release a security patch against it. thanks for your time.

Solved My Problem in 7 Minutes

I’m not computer savvy. I was researching motorcycles and started getting pop-ups for porn sites, then a big red warning with audio telling me I was infected and to call an 800 number. I closed Safari, went to the app store, got this, did the minimum, emptied my trash, and now there’s no more pop-ups. Fantastic!

best scanner

this scanner is the best scanner ive ever had my first scanner was called malwarebytes anti-malware it was apple recomended so of course that wasnt a bad file so i also did a scan with bit defender and found 2 bad files wile with malwarebytes it said it couldnt find any bad files (of course malwarebytes wasnt bad but get bitdefender instead) in conclusion bitdefender= 10/10 ign rating i would play again

Used to be OK

I have been using this app for some time now, but the virus list update that occurred sometime after the 13th of November (the last time that I successfully used v3.7) has caused the app to hang up when it get to the webbookmark files in the Library/Cache/Metadata/Safari section. This started on the 27th of November. I tried several times and it always hangs there (which is to say that the app apppears to be scanning the same file for hours, as evidenced by the elapsed time ticker grinding on), albeit on different files. When I reported this, Bitdefender just used a stalling tactic (or prehaps it was canned SW replying to my report). For example, they wanted a screenshot - of an app that is hung-up. That would look the same as a screenshot of a perfectly functioning app. I understand the app is free so I got what I paid for - but they have tarnishd their brand. It should be easy to replicate the problem at their end - the only issue is the current threat list. So I have switched to another virus scanner for now. I will note that scanner detected a lot of malware that apparently skated by Bitdefender.

Thank you

OK this app seemed fantastic at the beginning but now Whenever i want to g oonto things that previously had a password or username it gets glitchy????

How in God’s Name do you delete this App???

Please someone help me figure out how to delete this app. I am NOT happy wiht it and cannot find any UNinstaller for it? Will just dragging it into the trash work? Are there any remnants left by doing it this way? I have spent a few hours on this and the Bitdefender web site is ZERO help. It’s ridiculous and aggravating. Any real help would be greatly appreicated.


By far the best Anti-Virus scanner that I have tried on OS X.

Ok - but NO simple uninstall option

Come on guys… at least an uninstall option should be available. On the BitDefender Support Page it simply says that you need to download the image with the installer and uninstaller but - again - that requires registration. You made it easy to install so you should also make it easy to uninstall. Very disappointed...

Nice UI

The icon seems a bit too large compared to all other icons in my dock. Its almost 20% larger than my biggest icons. It looks wierd in the dock.


Yes, the icon does look a tad big compared to the others but I cant complain, Bitdefender managed to find and delete the trojan which has been making my computer slow for a month. As a result, my computer is running as good as new now! Bitdefender also manages to very well with updating signatures and is very simplistic to use. I really cant complain especially since its completely free! Definitely recommend!


nice little app, works great and looks sharp in my dock. Keep up the good work.

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